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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ammended Laws of Attraction

The contrary mind of the femle gender has done it again: it has decided that the metrosexsual man is not, after all, Mr Right. It's a triumphant return of the starkly masculie. And what about men now in touch with their soulful feminine side? After raising a shapely eyebro at the result of a Harris interactive survey of Amerian women, they mioght as well start pumping those rusting irons, and lay off the depilatories.

This raises, again, that complex question over which not a hint of a 'eureka' has been heard from even the most intelligent of the male breed: what do women really look for in their men? While it's quite possible that women are themselves in the dark about this - the qualities that make their perfect man change even faster than their wardrobe - a more realistic answer is, perhaps, that they want what they don't have.

Women have experimented with the macho brand. But the fascination wore out when they found they were getting the raw end of the deal: they made the popcorn, the men (and their friends) flung it at the TV set when their favorite team losing badly. The metrosexsual man was different. He loved to shop, liked romantic restaurants, watched soppy dramas on TV and, most importantly, he was well-groomed. The problem is that once he got really caught up with his liberated role, he became narcisstic. He became too beautiful, spent too much time on clothes and cosmetics, and too little being that dependable plumber-electrician around house. So is that what women really want: to romance an odd-jobs man who loves to buy clothes - for them?

New Delhi, April 20 2005